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Dawoud.jpg   Dawoud Kringle

Dawoud is a sitar player, multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser, & producer, with over 37 years of experience. His musical offerings blend east & west, modern & ancient, and invoke a spiritual awakening within the listener. He has played with many groups and toured as a leader in the US, Italy, France, and Switzerland.  He has composed for theater, film, and dance performances and produced several artists and his own solo recordings; including radio airplay in the US, Europe, Russia, and Indonesia.  People have told Dawoud that his mastery of music   caused them to go into trances and have visions. His has skills in several genres, and unprecedented use of sitar earned him a well deserved reputation as a great musician and master improviser. He has the uncanny ability to play exactly the right music at the right time, and knows how to offer the audience a unique and beautiful musical experience.


Open Music Ensemble

The Open Music Ensemble is an improvisational, spontaneous-music cooperative. The Ensemble musicians allow the music they create to come through them rather than try to create the music they play. The notes, rhythms, and sounds in an Ensemble performance are usually created intuitively by the Ensemble members during the performance as they listen to each other and permit themselves to respond spontaneously to what they hear. By standing out of the way, the Ensemble's sounds and rhythms move to a deeper level and offer an audience a more profound musical experience. We call this way of performing "Open Music".  An Ensemble performance is not only improvised but often it is often structured in advance specifically for the occasion or location of performance. The Open Music Ensemble welcomes opportunities to create bespoke music.  Members of the Ensemble also improvise music for dance, yoga, and martial arts classes.

For more information see www.myspace.com/openmusicdance

 JoshuaGeisler.jpgJoshuaGeisler.jpg  Joshua Geisler

Joshua Geisler is a multi-instrumentalist performer (guitar and bansuri), composer, producer, instrument maker, and author. He is an innovative musician whose style transcends cultural boundaries by embracing both the familiar and the exotic. His electric guitar playing is marked by a mastery of the traditional American guitar styles combined with Indian Classical music techniques borrowed from sitar and sarod players.



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