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◊  Asian American Arts Center

Asian American Arts Centre was founded in 1974 in New York City to address the distinctive concerns of Asian Americans in the United States. Its mission is to promote the preservation and creative vitality of Asian American cultural growth through the arts, and its historical and aesthetic linkage to other communities. The Arts Centre accomplishes this by presenting and interpreting the ongoing synthesis of contemporary American and Asian art forms, utilizing performance, exhibition, and public education.


◊ Body Spirit Nutrition: Transformational Healing
Healing for the 21st Century with Jen Hoy
Body spirit nutrition is a unique system of mind, body, and energetic integration. Utilizing cutting edge nutrition, intuitive reading, energy medicine and other healing methods drawn from timeless global traditions, I help my clients bring themselves into emotional, physical, and spiritual alignment. My philosophy embraces the concept that with awareness, commitment and assistance, we are each capable of healing ourselves. We engage in a process of true partnering in healing, and I strive always to empower my clients to realize their full potential.

For more than 20 years, Jen's work encompassed conscious support of wellness, through physical and energetic healing. In 2002 she began actively practicing intuitive counseling and diagnosis. She works privately doing intuitive readings, energy healing, nutrition counseling, and teaching psychic development; and leads workshops and wellness seminars on a variety of subjects, including the energetics of food, wellness issues, and bioenergetic healing. She is also a certified practitioner of Prema Birthing, and of the Rising Star, healing modalities channeled and taught by Derek O'Neill. Jen serves as the nutritional consultant for both Third Power Fitness, and Mothers and Menus, a healthy food company serving expectant and new moms. She co-authored  The Well Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook (Random House, 2007). Deeply committed to helping others, Jen Hoy continues intensive studies in energy medicine and cutting edge nutrition, continually integrating timeless world traditions into a contemporary paradigm for healing.

Her private practice is based in New York City.


◊ Creative Pier

A holistic art center, located in Manhattan's busy Union Square, Creative Pier is an oasis for artists and non-artists, individual of all ages, background and culture to join together in a tranquil space to relax, imagine, connect and create.  The Creative Pier team creates and employs many unique methods in using arts therapeutically.  In response to the human need to perceive and express, Creative Pier workshops and events encourage participants to let go, and to use the safety of an art medium to express thoughts and feelings free of criticism and judgement.

Contact:  Routa Segal
833 Broadway, 3rd Floor, @ 13th St.
New York, NY 10003
Phone:     212.674.7437 
Website: www.creativepier.com

◊ A Gathering of the Tribes 

 A Gathering of the Tribes is an arts and cultural organization dedicated to excellence in the arts from a diverse perspective. Located on the Lower East Side of New York City, Tribes has been in existence since 1991. In that year, Steve Cannon, poet, playwright, novelist, and retired professor from the City University of New York, converted a portion of his apartment into an informal salon. Despite his loss of eyesight to glaucoma, he encouraged the exchange of alternative points of view traditionally overlooked by mainstream media. The ideas raised in the discussions served as inspiration to the pieces later published in A Gathering of the Tribes Magazine. In 1993, a further transformation of the space by Dora Espinoza, a Peruvian photographer, produced Tribes Gallery. Since then, Tribes has evolved into a performance venue and meeting place for artists and audiences to come together across all artistic disciplines, all levels of complexity, and all definitions of difference. In this pan-disciplinary, multi-cultural environment, artists exchange ideas, create peer relationships and find mentorship. Through Tribes’ publications, readers encounter a unique synthesis of literature, visual art, criticism and interviews with promising artists of all kinds. In an attempt to attract a wider audience for these artists, Tribes additionally organizes an annual outdoor event — The Charlie Parker Festival — to engage members of the community who have seldom, if ever, attended literary or artistic events.

For more info on the Charlie Parker Festival, go to http://www.tribes.org/web/2008/08/07/15th-charlie-parker-festival-2008/

Tribes reflects and celebrates the fluidity and diversity of contemporary society. Tribes’ audience comprises every possible ethnic group, age group, religion and income level. The artists Tribes serves are similarly diverse. Tribes not only serves various communities, it actually creates a community. Artists bring their own audiences to Tribes for their events, where they meet and interact with Tribes’ larger audience.


◊ Manhattan Arts International

 Manhattan Arts International is a global network of Artrepreneurs serving the art community since 1980. Our website features a Juried Online Gallery, Reading Room Ezine, Resource Directory, and free access to The Complete Guide to New York Art Galleries, published since 1995. Renée Phillips, Director, is known as The Artrepreneur Coach, and motivates art professionals through her books, private consultations and workshops.

Contact:  Renee Philips
200 East 72nd Stree, 26th Floor
New York, NY 10021
Tel: 212.472.1660

◊ of note – celebrating people of color in the arts

of note is a premiere online destination for event features, editorials, reviews, artist profiles, and public commentary celebrating people of color in the arts. The artists and artistic works presented by of note demonstrate a commitment to global citizenship and social change.

Through its email magazine, of note connects with over 3,000 subscribers with a passion for celebrating people of color in the arts—a community that continues to grow rapidly. of note is quickly emerging as an influential source for those committed to a “diverse, socially conscious, cultural life.”

To feature an event, performance, or artistic work, contact Grace Ali, Founder & Director, at



◊ Open Music Circle

 The Open Music Circle is a gathering place for acoustic improv musicians, vocalists, and also dancers. We have been meeting regularly since 2004 on the second and fourth Sunday, from 8 to 10 PM, at the New York Insight Meditation Center, 28 West 27th Street, 10th Floor. All acoustic musicians, vocalists, and dancers are welcome to attend. We have no musical or other agenda and no director. Each gathering is an exploration and an adventure. We start in silence, someone begins, then paying attention to each other, we each vocalize or move accordingly, and finally we end with silence. Now and then we may try exercises to improve our skills. Dancers and musicians interact with and respond freely to each other. Some participants have discovered useful things about themselves or their playing, singing, or dancing at a Circle and others have found their experience to be similar to a spiritual practice. We usually have fun, and occasionally something miraculous happens.

For more information see www.myspace.com/openmusiccircle


◊ Transcultural Exchange

TransCultural Exchange is an award winning 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting international art and the understanding of world cultures, through high quality art exhibitions, cultural exchanges and educational programs at our home base in Boston and throughout the world. Incorporated in 2002, the organization has already received awards from such organizations as the International Art Critics Association and support from such respected world organizations as UNESCO, the State Department’s Art in Embassies Program, and the Asian Cultural Council, the Open Society Intitiative, Massachusetts Cultural Council and the LEF Foundation among others.


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